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Spiral Stairway D443

Accented by meticulously handcrafted steel leaves and roses of brass, the woodsy textured vines wind their way along the stairs path.


D443 Spiral Stairway

Accented by meticulously handcrafted Steel Leaves and Brass Roses. The woodsy textured vines wind their way along the stair’s path.

Also available with steel accents.

Handrail: Polished Brass with Brass Rose Sub-Rail
Balusters: 90150 (vine), 90120 (square)

Shown with options:
Treads: Maple
Paint Color: Dark verdigris with gold highlights
Inside handrail: Rich Brass Roses among Steel Vines in the Sub-Rail topped by the handsome Brass Handrail and Volute.

Platform Options: (See illustrations below)

  • B Designed for use in a stairwell. The stairwell is assumed square unless specified round or otherwise.
  • B Platforms connect at two sides to the opening. If the finished opening is NOT 4″ larger than the stairway, please provide dimensions.
  • C Designed for attaching to a balcony and has railings on two sides.
  • D Designed for attaching to a balcony and has an L shaped railing on two sides.

IMPORTANT: Iron Balcony Railings can NOT be cut to length on site. Iron balcony railings are very sturdy because they are built to job specifications.
All posts are welded to the railing.

Let us determine the railing lengths:
Supply a sketch of the finished opening with your order, including drywall or other finish material. The examples below illustrate the type of information required for us to build your railings accurately.
Dimensions required are listed as A, B (and C if required)