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Rail B6840

2-5/8″ w x 1-5/8″ h.

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B6840 Handrail  

Available with plow 1-1/4″ or 1-3/4″

2-5/8″ w x 1-5/8″ h.


Solid –  All  plies solid and laminated. Exceptions: Alder may have 1-joint in 10′-16′. Beech may have 1-joint 12′-16′. Birch may have 1 joint 10′-16′;  Walnut may have 1-joint in 7′-10′ and 2 joints in 11′-16′. White Oak may have 1-joint 14′-16′.  Orders exceeding 30% 16′ pieces may include up to 1 finger joint per ply

Solid Cap- lower plies have finger-jointed sections. Top Cap in 14’& 16′ lengths have 1 finger-joint. Top Cap is Solid  in lengths 4′ to 12′.   Exceptions: Alder may have 1-joint in 10′-12′. Beech may have 1-joint 12′. Birch may have 1 joint 10′-12′; Walnut may have 1-joint in 7′-10′ and 2 joints in 11′-16′.

Lengths: Rail is available up to 30′ long. Call for a quote on lengths over 16′.  Straight and Bending Rails over 16′ in solid ply construction will have 1 finger-joint per ply (some species including White Oak may have 2). Long length setup charges are per profile per order.

Lengths: 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, 8′, 9′, 10′, 11′, 12′, 14′ & 16′ lengths.

Non-stock rails and plowed rails have an 8′ minimum order.

Please check your local building codes to verify if the style you have chosen is approved for that local.


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The above samples should be used as a guide only to wood characteristics.

Natural variations in the color or texture of the wood or the appearance of the wood after finishing are not considered defects.

Stair parts / mouldings are for interior use.


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