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Baluster: B5141-3L-F Fluted OnTheRIse

Fluted 1-1/4″ Thick: 3-Length System: 34″, 38″ & 42″.

B5141-3L-F Fluted Colonial Baluster

1-1/4″ Thick.  Heights: 34″, 38″ and 42″

OntheRise® (3 Length) Baluster Type –  turning size does not change, bottom square increases as height increases.

Specifications are subject to Change:

Turning 20″, Top Block 7″

Height 34″: Bottom Block 7″
Height 38″: Bottom Block 11″
Height 42″: Bottom Block 15″

Loose Pin on bottom of baluster.





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The above samples should be used as a guide only to wood characteristics.

Natural variations in the color or texture of the wood or the appearance of the wood after finishing are not considered defects.

Stair parts / mouldings are for interior use.