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Baluster: B4225 OnTheLevel

1-1/4″ thick, 5-Length System: 31″, 34″, 36″, 39″ & 42″.

B4225 (5035) Traditional Baluster  

1-1/4″ Thick

Heights: 31″, 34″,36″, 39″ and 42″

This design will be replaced with B5230 as stock depletes.

Current stock in all lengths in Red Oak. Poplar available in 39″ and 42″, S. Maple in all lengths but 42″.

OntheLevelTM (5-length): Bottom Block 2-1/4″ for all balusters; turning length increases as height increases.

Bottom Block: 2-1/4″

Height 31″h: Turning 29″
Height 34″h: Turning 31″
Height 36″h: Turning 33″
Height 39″h: Turning 35″
Height 42″h: Turning 38″

Fixed bottom pin – Length includes pin.

Fixed Pin on bottom of baluster

Wooden Dowel Pin


The above samples should be used as a guide only to wood characteristics.

Natural variations in the color or texture of the wood or the appearance of the wood after finishing are not considered defects.

Stair parts / mouldings are for interior use.