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B2#01-135 Level 135 Turn (1/8 Turn) No Cap

Alternate number C7#11-135

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B2#01-135 (7#11-135)  Level 135 degree Turn (1/8 turn) – No Cap

Hint: Many local building codes require a newel at every change of direction of the handrail and at the start of rail system.

Use B2#09-135 for a level quarterturn with a cap when using a newel or choose a rake newel (suffix Pin like B32Pin).


Offering includes: B2001-135 (9611-135, B2101-135 (7111-135, B2201-135 (7011-135), B2301-135 (7311-135), B2401-135 (7411-135), B2501-135 (7611-135), B2601-135 (7511-135),

B2701-135 (7711-135), B2801-135 (7211-135), B2901-135 (7911-135), F4201-135 (7811-135), F7601-135, F9301-135




The above samples should be used as a guide only to wood characteristics.

Natural variations in the color or texture of the wood or the appearance of the wood after finishing are not considered defects.

Stair parts / mouldings are for interior use.