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B2#00B Starting Easing-Returned End

Alternate number C7#15

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B2#00B (7#15) Starting Easing (60 degree) Returned End

This fitting may be custom ordered with a 90 degree (instead of 60 degree) up easing.

Hint: Many local building codes require a newel at every change of direction of the handrail and at the start of the rail system.

Use B2#00 for a starting easing with a cap when using a newel or use a rake newel (suffix Pin like a B32Pin).

Offering includes: B2000b (9615), B2100b (7115), B2200b (7015), B2300b (7315), B2400b (7415), B2500b (7615), B2600b (7515), B2700b (7715), B2800b (7215), B2900b (7915), F4200b (7815), F7600b, F9300b


The above samples should be used as a guide only to wood characteristics.

Natural variations in the color or texture of the wood or the appearance of the wood after finishing are not considered defects.

Stair parts / mouldings are for interior use.