Standard Hardwood: Custom Box Newels



Custom Box Newels

Series 4, 6 or 7 can be customized for your building project.

  • Add panels below the cap and above the top moulding. The panels can be on two or three sides. (Your choice of which sides).
  • Mix your species. The panels can one specie and the box newel can be of another. The moulding and cap can either match the panel or the box newel specie.
  • The sticking around the panels can be Shaker Style (square) or Colonial (round).
  • The panel between the mouldings can be divided into 2 or more panels.

EZ Mount
Base Block System

Ez-01 kit is available for series 6 (included) and series 7 (Option) Box Newels. Includes base block, log screws and washers.
Round Sticking    Square Sticking
Round Sticking        Square Sticking

All of our box newels are standard with Round Sticking. Order optional Square Sticking.